Obviously one for the ladies here and the question of exercise and what type during pregnancy. I have past experience of clients who I have trained before, during and after pregnancy including ladies into their mid forties.

Again this subject has to be treated on an individual basis and whilst some ladies are fine to carry on with an exercise regime close to giving birth, there are others who need to be treated a little more cautiously.

Starting or maintaining fitness whilst pregnant can be beneficial for not only the expectant mum but also her unborn child both physically and psychologically.

Once a safe period after the birth has been reached starts the road back to pre-pregnancy times and this is another time when having a Personal Trainer on board can help you get the most out of your time spent exercising.

It takes 9 months for the pregnancy to reach it’s joyous conclusion so I do like to remind ladies that in most cases the time to regain their shape will be of equal length but the enjoyment of the journey will allow this to fly by.

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