We are currently living through very challenging times on Planet Earth, for the large majority of us the most challenging. We have been given guidance on how to cope best by our Government and as long as we take heed of there warnings and advice then we will return to normal life sooner rather than later. These times we will look back on and observe how well we coped and how we utilised what for many will be surplus time. A balance in life is what we should all be aiming for and with that we will come out of this stronger physically, mentally and emotionally.

So to encompass all of this we need to make sure we take care of ourselves and therefore see that we keep our exercise/activity regimes carrying on regardless. At this point it is vital to stress that if you are currently feeling unwell then do not attempt to be thinking about physical workouts. Also if you have not been active prior to this covid 19 pandemic then take medical advice before proceeding with any exercise plan.

So why exercise? Well whether we are in the grip of a pandemic or not the same applies, being involved in a physical exercise programme has so many benefits;

  1. Physical well being 2. Mental well being 3. A stronger immune system

At any time in our lives being physically fit is so advantageous, whether it be for competative sport at the highest level or right down to personal goals to being the best you can be for yourself in your life. Alongside the physical benefits comes the mental benefits of exercise, giving you a feeling of wellness to go about your everyday life. As we get older our immune system (body’s defence system) tends to get weaker though you can help it by getting good sleep, eating well, avoiding stress, resist smoking and keeping physically fit.

Now that we know exercise and activity is good for us in the current climate what options are open to us?

So gyms and leisure centres are as I write this closed and social gatherings are not advised therefore there may be many individual workouts being undertaken. Yes 2 people may be able to train together but do bear in mind the governments guidance on keeping 2 metres away from each other.

You have 2 options at this time – indoors or outdoors training? If the restrictions are going to be in place for some time then the option of going outside to exercise could be more appealing as hopefully spring is almost with us. Outside gives you the option of walking (don’t forget the dog), running, cycling to name but a few and these are not options inside (unless you have a treadmill or indoor bike)! Inside though has it’s benefits, if you have any fitness equipment then you are ahead of the game though other options are available, such as utilising food tins, water bottles or you can just carry on with good old fashion ‘body weight’ exercises such as Press Up’s, Squats, Lunges, Planks to name but a few.

For many of us time or lack of it cannot be used as an excuse to not be active so please I implore you to look after yourself, a fitter you means a healthier you…………..it could save your life!!!!

I may not know lots about infectious diseases but I’m on the ball where health and fitness is concerned! And for you…..who knows when we get the other side of this (and we will) you may have found a newer fitter, healthier person trying to get out……ACT NOW!