That is the question?




So in truth we are all on diets, because the original definition of the word diet is  ‘The usual food and drink consumed by a person or animal’.  As living without eating and drinking is not possible then a diet it is, though as the word has been hijacked these days you will probably be asked what diet is it that you are on?

Answer – THE DIET OF LIFE, which is SUSTAINABLE!  No matter how you dress it up any faddy diet is not sustainable and I guarantee is doomed to failure in the long term. Let’s look at the basic staples of your food intake – Carbohydrates, Fats and Protein, all essential to a body’s ability to function to a required level. You can read or hear updates all the time about cutting out or drastically cutting back on any of these 3 food groups but however you dress it up they all have an important part to play in our well being.

Finding what works for you is key to gaining or maintaining a healthy weight, yes you can listen to friends or family and maybe take nuggets of advice from them but ultimately you must have that final say.  A small proportion of the population may have health issues which interfere with their attempts at weight maintenance but unless you have been clinically confirmed as one of those people then please do not use it as an excuse for weight issues.  A solid set of ground rules need to be implemented at the start of any new plan of lifestyle changes. Have these WRITTEN DOWN!  They can be in the form of goals, do’s and don’ts and basic strategies to set you on the right path.

But overall some main pointers for you to take on board are as follows:

  • Resist temptation, whatever that tempts you does it need to be around you?
  • Pause before you indulge, are you hungry or just thirsty?
  • Everything that passes between your lips is you, can you deal with it’s consequences?
  • Try and keep away from the scales – they can be very demotivating, instead use tape measures and clothes fitting for a guide to your body shape.
  • Get quality sleep and enough of it into your life, the connection between obesity and lack of sleep is undeniable.
  • Our bodies are designed for movement (standing desks anyone?), think back to our ancestors whose life was based around hunting and gathering. Movement creates heat by the process of energy expenditure, useful at this time of year = save on your heating bills 🙂

We live in a wonderful creation yet so often we abuse that creation and become frustrated and angry when it fails to complete our next task.