Yes I know you’ve heard it all before, get active and eat a healthy balanced diet to keep your body weight under control. Well there is a reason why you hear this so often because sadly it’s not getting through to a larger and larger section of the population. Political correctness means that we have to pussyfoot around the subject of obesity and in the meantime the problem just grows and grows.

Now there are no guarantees in life and sadly bad things happen to good people, however sitting back and believing that I can be as inactive as I
want and eat all the bad foods (and by the way there are no such things as bad foods) every day knowing that it all counts for nothing, as for example a bus could knock me down on any day – is not the thought process that you should rely on.

We not only have to think about the length of our lives but most definitely the quality of such life. Thinking about the average living age (if you are currently 65 then men can expect to live to 84.3 and women to 86.6), well what I’m sure we would all want is as good a QUALITY of later years as possible. Who wants to spend the last quarter of their life constantly with health issues meaning hospital stays far too frequently and limitations to enjoying the remaining years. To be able to look forward to retirement with bucket lists to tick off and brand new challenges and experiences to be entertained should be what we all strive for, shouldn’t it?

Anyone who has looked into the body’s physiology either for professional reasons or as a point of interest will know that for me to write this article and for you to read it takes a vast number of intricate actions within our body. Too often we underestimate our bodies and minds ability to grow and progress us to new heights but to achieve these things we have to show it a little love and respect. So obesity is not showing that love and remember the knock on effect of being overweight is many fold, so be kind to this wonderful structure that we operate in because it is our only true home!

To those of you who do not have weight issues – congratulations but that doesn’t mean you are immune to problems, so take a look at the bigger picture and make sure you are giving the love back. For those of you who do carry excess weight then help yourself and you’ll be surprised by how many others will want to help you, good luck and start living not just existing!